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Document management can't be any easier
General docflow
Document approval in a matter of a few minutes
Management docflow
Team work
Corporate portal
Director addon for Android, iOS, Windows Phone
Mobile client

To test the company's products can be at the demonstration site

Demonstration versions of general docflow system and management docflow, cloud docflow

What's this?

Dotcom: Docflow - electronic document management system
based on enterprise products and technologies from Microsoft.

Registration of documents

Each document or letter is registered and recorded

Preparation of documents

Now all have a common place to access document templates. Create a document of the required type

Tasks on documents

Monitor the execution of orders now conveniently (tasks to performers task reference document)

Approval of documents

Approval of documents in minutes. Make a decision to agree or cancel the document

Search documents and data

Finding document or card is not a problem (attributive search, full text search)

Barcodes on documents

Generate and print barcodes on documents, document search by barcode


Configure the system to the needs of the organization simply without programmers

Digital signature

Documents approved digital signature


from 30%

Save time employees

from 40%

Save paper

till 90%

Reusing documents


Quality of work

Videos and tutorials

Educational materials on the use of electronic document management system

Product versions

  • Start

    от $5 200
    • Register of correspondence, documents, preparation of documents based on templates, the task of documents, search by barcode, attributive search, automatic registration documents from the scanner
    • 15 people
    • Each additional user $ 85
    • Interview protocol with users within 1 day
    • Product Deployment 2 days
    • Adjusting to the needs of the organization 3 days
    • User Training 1 day
    • Support within 30 hours of the license
  • Standard

    от $9 700
    • Timing control for documents, setting reminders (notifications) of the termination of the process that documents the process of harmonization of documents, printing cards document printing sheet alignment, harmonization process branching
    • 30 people
    • Each additional user $ 75
    • Preparation of technical specifications in 5 days
    • Product Deployment 4 days
    • Adjusting to the needs of the organization 10 days
    • User training 5 days
    • Support within 60 hours of the license
  • Enterprise

    от $16 800
    • Approval of documents using a digital signature, reports by problems on the documents, integration with other systems organization
    • 60 people
    • Each additional user $ 65
    • Preparation of technical specifications within 10 days
    • Product Deployment 6 days
    • Adjusting to the needs of the organization 15 d
    • User Training 7 days
    • Support within 80 hours of the license

Dotcom BA LLC - IT company, ukrainian developer of complex information systems for government agencies, large, medium and small enterprises.

The company is professional in the areas of automation: transport, finance, energy, insurance.

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Dotcom BA LLC

136/34, Pobedy ave., Kiev, 03115

+380 (44) 465-55-78